A Successful Failure

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As Museum Macura was to become the first new museum building to be built in Serbia in decades, we were very disappointed for the missed opportunity when the client has disappeared after what seemed to be a very successful design proposal presentation.
But boy, were we wrong !
A year later we got a call back from the client, who – in the meantime – had actually built the the museum without the project, only based on his own interpretation of our design renderings ! The damage was done, we got pissed off, but although the main points of our concept has been misinterpreted, the resulting mutant design wasn’t all that bad after all.

Collection Macura is one of the largest private collection in the region of south-east Europe and Balkans, and comprises the works of 20th century avantgarde artists, with much focus on early 20th century movements such as dada, zenitism, surrealism, constructivism, viennese activism and others.
It includes painting and sculpture, as well as design objects such as furniture. More importantly, collection is complemented by exhaustive original documentation in form of notes, sketches, photographs, letters, magazines and artefacts that contribute to better understanding of the artists and movements itself.
Opening of Museum Macura in May 2008 was an important milestone in serbian art scene as it was the first museum dedicated to permanently house a private collection.
Collection is presented in a very casual manner, where works of high art mingle with signature furniture, original documentation and every day banal objects. This creates a sense of an intimacy of a home, not least because Mr. Macura actually uses part of the building as his residence, and often personally admits the visits and excursions.
Museum is located in the rural settings, dramatically perched on top of the cliff overlooking the river Danube, and it is a place where art lovers gather as if going to a picnic, to spend a day enjoying art and nature.
Quick Facts
Museum is open May to October,
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 10-18h.

Visits can be additionally scheduled at:
email: muzejmacura@yahoo.com
phone: +381 64 4729 629

Design Team:
Ivan Kucina, architect
Nenad Katic, architect
Vladimir Macura

Ana Kostic

“The Macura Museum effectively deprofessionalizes architecture in much the same way that it deprofessionalizes museum collection itself. The result is an antidote to the often sterile and commercial art-gallery environment.”

Frame Magazine, Issue 72

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